5 Reasons Why Your Facility Should #DitchTheDisk

5 Reasons Why Your Facility Should #DitchTheDiskMedical images have historically been exchanged and shared on CDs since the mid-1990s. In fact, medical imaging may be the only thing still shared 90s style. We’ve comfortably moved just about every other aspect of our personal and professional lives to some form of electronic transfer. Financial records, insurance information, lab and radiology reports, and more. Yet, imaging remains on CDs.

CDs are an Unnecessary Additional Piece to a Complex Workload

Even in the best-case scenario where a CD has been mailed or delivered successfully to a physician’s office, the front desk staff may find themselves dealing with yet another challenge – the upload process.

CD burning vendors each have their own proprietary system which can cause potential upload difficulties. Physicians also often to need to re-learn the tooling of each system when opening the imaging on their desktops.

From the insights of this whitepaper you will learn:

  • Why patients across generations are demanding access to their data.
  • How cloud technology improves outcomes in trauma and telestroke cases.
  • Steps hospitals and healthcare systems can take to save time and money by eliminating CDs.
  • How easy access to medical imaging streamlines second opinion programs.
  • Why patient access to healthcare data will soon become law.