Predict to Prepare:

5 Radiology Trends to Watch

Predict to Prepare: 5 Radiology Trends to WatchThere’s never been more turbulence —and opportunity, within healthcare. It’s a perfect storm of a changing legislative landscape, changing patient behavior, and disruptive new technologies like cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

If you’ve been wondering what it all means for radiology over the coming year, then we’ve prepared this executive brief for you. In partnership with HIMSS and healthcare leaders from Stanford Children’s Health and New England Baptist Hospital, you’ll hear five trends that are on the horizon, and how healthcare professionals are getting in front of the wave.

In this executive brief we include insights on:

  • The adoption of value-based care continues, with implications for physicians, patients, payments, and measuring performance
  • An increased focus on patient experience, and increasingly active, engaged patients is driving initiatives for radiologists to connect with patients in a whole new way.
  • Patient behavior, new technology, and a shift in the industry is changing the role of radiologists. They’re no longer only the “the doctor’s doctor” ―they’re increasingly integrated into the patient journey.
  • With industry consolidation, and an increased need for interoperability between providers, the move to cloud-based Vendor Neutral Archive is accelerating. It’s revealing multi-faceted benefits, from improved disaster recovery, to easing physician access to imaging.
  • New technology innovations like artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as workflow automation are both helping augment physician decision making, and reducing administrative workload.