Republic County Hospital Provides Instant Image Access

With Ambra Health, CDs and DVDs are being phased out and medical image upload time through the cloud takes less than three minutes.


Republic County Hospital was founded in 1961 and is North Central Kansas’ premier health care facility . It offers surgical services, pre and post-natal care, in-patient care to outpatient clinics, physical therapy, lab services, and much more. The facility has an imaging volume of over 10,000 studies per year and works with various physicians in the area who rely on the ability to easily share and access patient imaging. Historically, medical images had been provided to patients and referring physicians on CDs or through complex VPN networks – a costly and time-consuming process. Today, with Ambra Health, CDs and DVDs are being phased out and medical image upload time through the cloud takes less than three minutes. Physicians can easily access Ambra, understand how to use the platform, and share and send patient imaging.

The Ambra Health interface is as user friendly and easy to understand as Gmail.
David-Paul Cavazos, CEO, Republic County Hospital

Simplified Image Exchange and Archiving

Ambra’s web-based image sharing portal can share imaging through a series of secure web-links. Physicians and staff can send a branded version of the imaging portal directly to patients and referring physicians who can share imaging in return without using VPNs or CDs. In the future, Republic County also hopes to image-enable Cerner with Ambra Health to provide imaging access directly within the EHR.

Republic County is also using Ambra Health as its primary image archive. Ambra’s cloud archiving capabilities provide a flexible framework over the Internet in which images can be transferred, viewed, and patient imaging and data can be joined together. A system user can then access images in need of emergency from anywhere and anytime, including on mobile devices and tablets.

“Ambra is the perfect system to grow with us.”
– David-Paul Cavazos, CEO,
Republic County Hospital

Ease of Use for Providers and Radiologists

When working with physicians across a wide area, ease of use becomes fundamental to productivity. Many physicians already have to interact with more than one EHR/EMR system and when you add imaging systems to the mix, it can cause increased confusion and administration time. David-Paul cites that Ambra’s platform is, “as easy to use as Gmail,” leading to happy physicians who can focus more on patients rather than administration. Since Ambra is cloud-based, Republic County Hospital has also cut down on the costs that would be traditionally associated with the purchasing of servers and maintenance for each physician’s office. Today, physicians can simply login to Ambra online to view or send patient imaging. Republic County has also found that a key benefit with Ambra Health is it’s, “simple enough for a physician to use across any specialty, yet sophisticated enough for a radiologist to also use when making a diagnosis,” says David – Paul. Because Republic County employs outside radiologists, they have streamlined the process by using Ambra to send and receive imaging and act as their PACS system. The reduction in systems has led to over 50% in cost-savings for Republic County.

A New Way for Patients to Share Imaging

In rural areas, patients may spend hours traveling to a specialty physician or hospital. Traditionally, the would carry imaging on CD with them. If a patient forgot the CD, this could mean a whole other trip. Ambra offers patients a new way to share by allowing either them or their referring physician to send a secure share link with the images.