Mayfield Brain & Spine Powers Image Exchange with Ambra Health

After partnering with Ambra Health, Mayfield Brain and Spine has been able to seamlessly receive imaging from a myriad of locations speeding up time to care delivery.


Mayfield Brain and SpineMayfield Brain & Spine Institute’s mission is to provide the best brain and spine care to the 25,000 patients they see each year. Their physicians are known for their skill and innovation in treating complex spine problems, brain tumors, stroke, aneurysms, movement disorders, and other neurological diseases and disorders. It’s why they treat more neurosurgery patients than any other provider in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. With medical imaging playing a critical role in the treatment of many brain and spine conditions, the facility needed to replace a legacy vendor with an easy-to-use solution to receive imaging from local hospitals and imaging centers. Since installing Ambra Health’s cloud image management platform, Mayfield has been able to seamlessly receive imaging from a myriad of locations speeding up time to care delivery.

“Ambra Health has been very simple and seamless to use.”
– John Rieger, Information Systems,
Mayfield Brain & Spine

Simplified Image Exchange

Mayfield Brain & Spine needed a new solution to receive (and sometimes send) imaging to local imaging centers and hospitals. With a steady flow of patients, CDs, VPNs, and complex software quickly become a time waster for physicians, requiring five to ten minutes per visit. With Ambra, neurosurgeons have instantaneous access to studies even prior to patients being roomed, saving hours a day. In cases of referrals, patient uploads, or electronic second opinions, imaging is shared through a secure web-based link. For a high volume imaging scenarios, a lightweight gateway on a sending site and routing rules push studies from outside facilities directly to Mayfield.

Collaboration is key to success for any modern Neurosurgery clinic or department. With Ambra’s secure and automated routing, together with integrated PHI information, image exchange between the individuals, locations, or departments is frictionless and complete. With the ease of image exchange comes new opportunities, like second opinion, because receiving studies is easier than ever ― from direct routing, to upload via a patient portal, it makes referrals a snap.

“Ambra Health has been very reliable since implementation”
– John Rieger, Information Systems,
Mayfield Brain & Spine

Rapid Turnaround for Referring Physicians

Forcing referring physicians to sign up for an image sharing service, change their current, or pay for software, puts barriers between growing your referrals and disrupts relationships. Ambra’s frictionless approach ensures that with a secure web link, whether on a website or an email to upload or access imaging, no extra signups are required for referrers.

Between referring physicians and radiology Ambra not only instantly digitally routes studies to radiology, but also enables radiology to send back the report together with annotated imaging.

Easy to Use Cloud Platform

With a cloud-based solution, system upgrades, maintenance, and storage are standard and managed by Ambra Health. There’s no need to worry about costly upgrades and spiraling hidden costs. Better yet by moving to a modern cloud-based infrastructure, the organization gained improved backup, availability, and overall business continuity.