Jupiter Ortho Eliminates CDs with Ambra Health

Jupiter Orthopedics and Sports Medicine moves from CDs to cloud to streamline surgery days and improve patient care.


Jupiter Orthopedics & Sports Medicine - Case studyFounded in 2015, Jupiter Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is a leading provider of minimally invasive orthopedic services in the Florida area. Dr. Wade Van Sice believes that patients should be confident in their care, and that is what his practice strives to provide. One frustration he continued to encounter was CDs. Patients would often bring in a CD of their imaging and then Dr. Van Sice would hold on to the CD until surgery day. However, if CDs were lost, broken, or incompatible with any systems upon upload, this could cause significant stress for patient, physician, and administrators alike. Today, with Ambra Health, all imaging is uploaded directly into the cloud and accessible to Dr. Van Sice from anywhere, anytime.

By uploading imaging into Ambra and avoiding CDs, I’ve reduced my stress and the stress of my staff regarding patient imaging, particularly on surgery days.
Wade Van Sice, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

Uploading Patient Imaging

By shifting to Ambra, Jupiter Ortho has moved to a digital model for image transfer, enabling administrators to upload patient imaging to Jupiter Ortho’s web portal, and for physicians to instantly access them. In fact, it’s been so successful notes Dr. Van Sice, “it’s become a powerful way to keep my administrative staff happy.”

“It’s become a powerful way to keep my administrative staff happy.”
– Wade Van Sice, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

The last thing a physician or his staff needs leading up to surgery is a missing CD. “Patients would bring me their CDs, and I would hold on to them until the surgery. It was stressful for staff to make sure the CD was always ready for surgery day,” says Dr. Van Sice. Today, with Ambra Health, patient imaging is uploaded off CD directly into the Ambra cloud where it can then be accessed through a work-list on any
Internet browser. Particularly, when patients call leading up to a surgery, Dr. Van Sice no longer has to try and recall what their imaging looked like. He can pull the images up from anywhere, even on his tablet at home to offer a more precise answer. Dr. Van Sice also speaks at orthopedic conferences, and the ability to have simplified access to patient cases allows for greater collaboration and learning opportunities with other physicians in the field.

Viewing from Anywhere

Even when Dr. Van Sice was able to access imaging through a local imaging center’s portal he found himself, “keeping track of up to 15 different passwords.” With Ambra, access is simplified through the single cloud suite. In addition, Dr. Van Sice notes that,

“With Ambra, I’ve become familiar with the viewing toolset, so I no longer have to learn the toolset of each unique CD or imaging center portal I come across.”
– Wade Van Sice, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

Automated Routing

Jupiter Ortho has already partnered with two imaging centers in the area and installed an Ambra gateway, which automatically routes patient imaging to his system. His practice plans to establish more gateways with other leading imaging centers in the area over the next few years.

“Ambra is a very low maintenance platform which makes life for a small practice like ours much more simple.”
– Wade Van Sice, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

Medical imaging has been strongly linked to a greater life expectancy, reduced cancer risk, and overall improved quality of life. Under the FDA’s recommendations and criteria established by Meaningful Use, it has been suggested that patients should have greater access to their own medical imaging to reduce duplicate procedures. By including patient imaging within the system, HIE Networks provides enhanced communication across networks, reducing the incidence of duplicate imaging.