Jefferson Radiology Implements Ambra Cloud VNA

Jefferson Radiology partnered with Ambra to create a revolutionary imaging workflow replacing their legacy image exchange vendor.


Jefferson Radiology - Case studyEstablished in 1963, Jefferson Radiology is the largest private practice group in Connecticut and has affiliations with 7 regional hospitals. Jefferson Radiology offers a breadth of services and a level of diagnostic and therapeutic radiology expertise unparalleled in the region. As a highly innovative and technology-driven practice, Jefferson Radiology prided themselves upon having an enhanced imaging workflow and looking towards future trends. They found themselves frustrated with their legacy image exchange vendor and began their search for a solution that was more cost-effective and private radiology practice focused. Jefferson Radiology partnered with cloud image management vendor Ambra to create a revolutionary imaging workflow.

The fact is that stronger image management and ease of access to images drives better patient care.
Micheal Quinn, Chief Technology Officer

Adding VNA to the Cloud

Today, a patient performs their imaging at a Jefferson Radiology facility. Any prior studies are pre-fetched from the cloud VNA and also searched across the network. If prior studies are found, they are normalized into the workflow. Patient imaging is then sent to the radiologist workstation where reporting is completed. Studies and completed reports are auto-routed back to referring physicians through a custom cloud-branded portal. In keeping with their patient-centric view, Jefferson makes studies available to the patient through an easy-toaccess electronic link or via CD if requested.

VPN Free Image Exchange

Jefferson Radiology estimates over 30% in cost savings since switching from their legacy exchange vendor to Ambra. In addition, the availability of a singular cloud suite has allowed Jefferson to eliminate 4 previous systems. The cloud-based platform has eliminated the need for VPNs. Images and their associated reports can be shared with any organization in just a few clicks. Administrative staff and IT personnel have been pleased with the solution, which provides automated workflows and centralization of operations. Referring physicians have also been highly satisfied with the platform citing ease of use and reliability as key benefits.

Patient Satisfaction

Jefferson’s solution search was particularly focused on patient-centric solutions, capabilities to handle more than just DICOM images, and automated workflows and routing rules.

Jefferson has been particularly glad to hear that patients are complementary regarding the quick accessibility and transfer of their medical images. Jefferson’s cloud solution has facilitated the
exchange of images to health facilities outside of the immediate area. For example, a trauma patient was being transferred from local hospital to a tertiary trauma center and Jefferson’s cloud exchange easily facilitated the exchange of information prior to the patient’s arrival.

“Ambra has been very easy to implement and we’re looking forward to leveraging the suite to image-enable our patient portal, integrate with our RIS, and develop a patient-aware network as we strive to be more collaborative in patient care.”
– Michael Quinn, Chief Technology Officer