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Precession is a trail-blazing technology that began the market for viewing, analyzing, and reporting cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) all within a standard web browser. It provides cardiovascular professionals with a single solution capable of managing all the critical functions of a successful Cardiac Computed Tomography (CCT) / Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (CMR) program.

Precession embraces innovative improvements in web technology and enables groundbreaking functionality rarely found in the daily workflow of cardiovascular professionals. It offers real-time collaboration functionality allowing geographically separated colleagues to interact with each other while navigating studies series by series, even illustrating cardiac findings on each other’s desktops.

Space-Saving, Money-Saving

Precession helps reduce operation costs by combining all of the required daily functions involved in cardiovascular advanced imaging into a single, low cost platform. Typically CCT/CMR programs use two or three different software programs to perform their analysis. One of the functions that is usually missing from those programs is a method to close the loop with referring physicians. Precession allows a CT/MR physician within a hospital to engage a colleague outside of that hospital and interact with a case simultaneously. This kind of functionality has revolutionized CCT/CMR.


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