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Improve the data collection and submission process

  • Streamline workflows with fully interoperable and customizable software that ingests data from multiple sources
  • Increase the quality of your data, and generate granular and actionable insights
  • Improve your service line across the board—clinically, operationally, and financially

LUMEDX's HealthView Registries

As quality improvement and value-based purchasing initiatives expand, hospitals performing cardiovascular services are challenged to find more efficient and less costly ways to participate in the registries.

Our robust product line has been developed and refined over the years, always in cooperation with our customers, who reap the benefits from enhanced quality and in-the-field expertise. When you invest in Intelerad registry solutions, powered by LUMEDX, you get more than a straightforward way to collect and submit data—you receive tools to help your hospital continually improve its outcomes and become a true cardiovascular center of excellence.

Ease of use and access control

Data is collected at the point of care through integration, with the clinical documentation process preventing redundancy and reducing human error. Data export is further assisted with validation checks to prevent inherently bad or incomplete data being submitted, which can result in delaying or preventing multiple data submissions.

Access to your hospital’s data is immediate, your institution maintains, stores and controls its own data, reports and queries can be run in a timely manner, and your institution can respond immediately to data trends.

HeartIT's CloudCMR

CloudCMR is designed to promote worldwide sharing of de-identified cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) images for education, research, and quality control purposes. It takes research and collaboration to the next level by offering a centralized location where colleagues can collect cases from multiple geographically or politically separated centers. Heart Imaging Technologies’ solution is the optimal platform for categorizing image and report data suitable for interesting cases, training, or even multi-center clinical trials.

Cloud-Based, Privacy-Protected

CloudCMR overcomes many of the barriers previously encountered when attempting to share image and report data with colleagues around the world. By implementing sophisticated de-identification steps to all data prior to being transmitted out of an organization, patient privacy concerns are eliminated. Access to the data is also made easier by having the images and reports hosted in the cloud on redundant, secure servers.

Further, CloudCMR offers a comprehensive search tool, enabling users to develop logical and/or conditional searches on every field in the report database. Results from the search include both report data along with a link to the imaging procedure. All information can be exported to an excel spreadsheet for correlation, additional collaboration or analytics.

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