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Intelerad Enterprise VNA

Our enterprise solution centralizes your disparate data for interoperability that ultimately drives improved patient care

No matter your enterprise needs, we have a solution for you

The Intelerad VNA is a robust, large-scale platform for storing, retrieving, and routing medical images—bringing simplicity to complex environments. Our solution consolidates multiple systems to further optimize workflows and deliver better patient care.

High-Quality Patient Care

  • Build a holistic view of patient history
  • Maintain consistency and reliability
  • Enable technologists and clinicians to deliver better care

Secure and Scalable

  • Enjoy an easy implementation process and lower costs
  • Eliminate information blindspots
  • Control how your data is stored

Drive Business Continuity

  • Achieve high levels of interoperability between disparate systems
  • Get rapid delivery of results and reports
  • Increase efficiency in processes


  • Image Lifecycle Management (ILM)
    Efficiently control how long your archived data is stored. Choose when archived records are deleted to lower storage costs and decrease liability risk.
  • Image Object Change Management (IOCM)
    Seamlessly move images to and from third-party systems. Data corrections and deletions are synced between different systems to maintain consistency and reliability.
  • Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Wrapping
    Easily wrap non-DICOM images for quick storage and access while retaining the original file. This interoperability allows you to aggregate images from multiple departments and create a holistic, patient-centric view across the continuum of care.
  • Tag Morphing
    Intelligently standardize DICOM attributes to easily aggregate prior studies so that clinicians and technologists can drive better patient outcomes.
  • Zero-Footprint Enhanced Viewer
    Visualize medical images in any format—anytime and anywhere. Our web-based zero-footprint universal viewer provides clinicians with centralized and real-time access to patient orders, images, and reports through the full cycle of patient engagement.

Please note: Due to local regulations, products/features are not available in all regions.

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