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    InteleShare™ Enterprise Image Exchange

    See how InteleShare saves time, boosts interoperability, and expands your network.


    InteleShare™ Image Exchange

    Expand patient and provider image access potential with our cloud-based InteleShare Gateway.


    InteleShare™ Exchange Features

    Securely send and receive patient imaging data with InteleShare, customized to your organization’s needs.


    InteleShare Research™ for Pharmaceutical Companies

    Streamline end-to-end image management so you can focus on your trial’s outcomes with InteleShare Research.


    InteleShare Research™ for Clinical Research Organizations

    Streamline quality control and data cleanup with our scalable trial management software, InteleShare Research.



    See how IntelePACS makes image access and storage secure and efficient.



    See how InteleOrchestrator can save your team time and dynamically adjust your worklist priorities.


    5 Ways to Bring Your VNA Strategy to Life With a Living Medical Archive

    These systems go beyond the offerings of typical third-generation VNAs, providing the same robust platform for storing all DICOM and non-DICOM data, but are enhanced with flexible, modular, and dynamic capabilities.


    4 Ways to Automate Your Diagnostic Workflow

    Now more than ever, patients are relying on care providers to provide higher quality care in less time.


    Workflow Best Practices Guide

    How to build a radiology workflow that maximizes productivity and minimizes exam turnaround time.


    From Isolated Archive to Connected Hub: The Evolution of Enterprise Imaging

    Whether an organization is establishing its inaugural EI strategy or looking to make adjustments to early efforts, prioritization of these elements will ensure a more calculated approach that realizes the full potential of this powerful technology.


    Partners Imaging Centers

    For Partners Imaging Centers, efficiency and reliability of IntelePACS solution drives superior medical care, high ROI and profitable growth strategy.