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Our zero-footprint, web-based HTML5 DICOM Viewer is FDA 510(k) cleared per FDA regulations and can be used through any web browser— freeing you to access images from anywhere.

Support for DICOM and Non-DICOM Imaging Types

This zero-footprint, HTML5 DICOM Web Viewer supports all DICOM imaging types from CRs to intensive imaging studies such as PET, US, Angio, and Tomo. And non-DICOM imaging can easily be wrapped with a DICOM header for quick storage and access too, with the added benefit of including DICOM tags for easier categorization and automated routing.

All Your Tools, On-the-Go

Our viewer also features simple-to-use viewing tools for annotating imaging studies along with hanging protocols and viewer customization that enable an organization to cater the viewing experience to specialty physicians and surgeons. 3-D manipulation tools also allow images to be scrolled through in each plane, while reference lines move accordingly in the other planes.

View from Anywhere, Anytime

Our ProViewer can be accessed through the web or integrated into any PACS. Using a browser-based viewer, physicians can access patient images from any PC, Mac, or tablet, perform measurements, make annotations, compare images, and more. These zero-footprint and mobile capabilities can even improve patient visits. Tablets facilitate a collaborative approach based on visuals and enable care providers to explain procedures in a more comprehensive, intimate way.

Collaborate With Other Physicians in Real Time

A built-in meeting tool gives a physician the ability to invite a colleague to a session for a live case review and consult —the ultimate in online collaboration— so there is never a reason to resort to rogue image sharing practices via mobile phone, which can result in extremely costly HIPAA violations.