Cloud Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, have peace of mind knowing your patient imaging is safe.

Securely store backups of your patient imaging with Intelerad’s Cloud DR solution, ensuring business continuity when it counts the most.

Imaging disaster recovery for the 21st century

Designed to provide secure, isolated, and immutable copies of all medical images with unlimited storage capacity, Cloud DR mitigates the risks against natural disasters, human error, technological failure, or cybersecurity breaches for healthcare providers.


  • Frees organizations from extensive onsite storage and DR infrastructure investment and continued management. Move from a Capex model to a more simplified OpEx model.
  • Reduces total cost of ownership through eliminating the need to procure, rack and host storage hardware, as well as freeing up IT staff to focus on more strategically valuable work onsite.
  • Isolates study copies from other storage sets in your network so they are not accessible to users through PACS or VNA systems.
  • Uses AWS public cloud architecture so you pay for only the storage you need, knowing you can scale infinitely should storage needs increase.
  • Functions as a replacement for tapes, removing the cost of on site tape support needs.

Learn how Cloud DR can empower your healthcare organization