About Us

Making a Difference in Healthcare.

We are Dependable.

Our customers count on us to help solve their most complex problems. Our commitment to ensure consistency and continuity in delivering critical care services has shaped our company’s culture from the very beginning. We have a proven track record of being there when you need us, and for being proactive when you don’t.

We are Inspired.

Working alongside our customers allows us to appreciate their challenges and to directly experience the impact that our solutions make.

Our vision is to make a difference in healthcare. Our creative approach to technology continuously breaks new ground with smart architectures, effective workflows, and seamless integration, so that you can do more.

At Intelerad we are inspired

We are Accomplished.

With nearly two decades of experience we have gained a unique perspective that few companies ever get a chance to experience. Today, our expertise is sought to connect healthcare providers from leading private clinics to renowned cross-enterprise healthcare ecosystems around the globe.

With offices across North America, Oceania and the United Kingdom, we let our achievements speak for themselves while remaining steadfast in our commitment to customers and the continual impro