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Intelerad’s Private Cloud services are a safe, accessible, and cost-effective alternative to on-premise PACS infrastructure and long-term storage. Embrace the benefits of cloud architecture and off-site data management without sacrificing the industry-leading performance you expect from Intelerad solutions.

Simplify complex systems with worry-free cloud models to meet your unique needs

Intelerad Private Cloud grants you the ability to reduce technology ownership challenges including staff turnover and onsite hardware and software management. It also ensures business continuity by managing risk of downtime, diagnostics imaging data loss, and data breaches, as well as build your business and imaging center resiliency. Intelerad Private Cloud has agility and scalability to grow with you. It has a consumption billing model that allows for flexible and scalable cost management as your practice grows. You can also add sites rapidly and modify services on demand as your needs evolve.

IntelePACS & Clario SmartWorklist

Make the move to a cloud based PACS

Elevate the productivity, security, and agility of your medical imaging software to better provide for your patients.

Key Features:

  • Simple, cost-effective, fee-per-study model
  • Onsite IT resources can be designated for more valuable tasks
  • Real-time scalability that aligns performance and usage needs plus 24/7365 proactive monitoring for performance optimization

Cloud Long-Term Archive

If you’re looking to gradually transition to cloud-based services and storage, start with moving your imaging archive off-site with Intelerad Cloud Long-Term Archive solution.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited storage capacity that scales to meet your enterprise imaging needs
  • simple, cost-effective, fee-per-study model
  • Real-Time scalability that consistently matches performance and usage needs

Patient Portal

Web-based patient imaging and reports access to conveniently and share data

Put patients at the core of your healthcare delivery services and empower them with anytime, anywhere access to their healthcare records. All they need is an internet connection.

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