Metro Diagnostic Imaging Adds InteleShare PACS to Mobile Van

Metro Diagnostic Imaging partnered with Intelerad to eliminate cumbersome CD burning that slowed down productivity and network growth.


Metro Diagnostic Imaging is the leading provider of mobile imaging services in the Saint Paul, MN metro area. Founded in 2013, Metro Diagnostic Imaging x-ray technologists travel to a variety of facilities ranging from private practices, to nursing homes, and professional sports franchises to deliver quick and comfortable exams anywhere at anytime. Prior to partnering with Intelerad, Metro Diagnostic Imaging dealt with cumbersome CD burning that slowed down productivity and network growth.

Our mobile van can travel anywhere to offer high-quality radiography, and now, with the cloud, we can provide access to medical images from anywhere too.

Dr. Bill Davison, Founder

Eliminated CDs

Prior to InteleShare PACS, Dr. Davison would frequently burn imaging on to CDs for patients and doctors. After the imaging procedure, he would need to wait an additional 10-15 minutes on-site for the CD burn. Additionally, if the patient or physician left during this time frame, the CD would need to be mailed or hand-delivered. Wasting time between visits with CDs reduced the number of sites Metro Diagnostic Imaging could visit per day.

CDs were impeding our ability to reach more sites per day and expand our network.

Dr. Bill Davison, Founder

One of the benefits of implementing a cloud-based, hosted InteleShare PACS is mobility and eliminating the need for users to be tethered to a workstation to access imaging and associated data. Cloud platforms help to ensure that imaging data is at the users fingertips.

Improved Relationships with Referring Physicians

Metro Diagnostic Imaging works with over 15 referring physicians and keeping its customers happy is always top of mind. Having the right tools for transferring information between providers and recipients of the service is critical for success. InteleShare’s web-accessible imaging platform makes it easy for referring doctors to immediately view imaging data, combine imaging and reports, attract new sending sites, and ultimately increase referral volumes.

Cloud Delivery

InteleShare PACS’ universal cloud viewer displays the over 120 studies the van receives per month from a variety of sources, playing a critical role in enhancing communication, realizing faster diagnoses, and reducing time-to-care delivery.

As patients and providers seek new ways to exchange information at a faster and more efficient rate, having an agile and flexible framework has become critical in the new marketplace for success.

In addition, Dr. Davison enjoys the business continuity features offered by the cloud. “The last thing I want is an IT delay to impede my services. With InteleShare, I have instant access to secondary versions of the data if the primary versions become unavailable.”