Intelerad Reimagined: Envision What’s Next 

May 20, 2024

At Intelerad, we understand that every journey in healthcare is about seeking and providing answers. Today, we are sharing the next chapter of our story: a reimagined and refined brand identity that more accurately encapsulates our commitment to simplifying the search for answers for both clinicians and patients. 

This reimagined version of Intelerad is born from a deep reflection on our mission and a clear vision for our future. It’s about aligning every aspect of our business with our core belief: that healthcare should be simple, efficient, and accessible for all. With this evolution, we’re not just changing but growing, adapting, and renewing our dedication to the healthcare community.   

Our aim is to enhance simplicity and efficiency across every aspect of our business to resonate more deeply with the unique perspectives within the healthcare community. In line with our commitment to clarity, we will be renaming certain products to better exhibit their purposes and benefits. This renaming not only makes it easier to understand our offerings but also unifies our portfolio of enterprise imaging solutions.  

To explore our newly named solutions and understand how they align with your needs, please visit our solutions page. Additionally, our logo has been updated to reflect this transition: a simpler, more straightforward symbol in the dynamic space of healthcare technology.  

Our excitement for the future is rooted in our promise to create and contribute to a healthcare environment that ensures greater access for all. These changes are about more than just a new look; they are a testament to our unwavering commitment to put the needs of the healthcare community at the forefront of everything we do. By refining our customer experience and enhancing our solutions, we aim to empower the community with advanced imaging technology that makes a real difference.