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Combined with Intelerad’s award-winning PACS, Ambra brings a robust cloud VNA, image exchange functionality, and research and pathology capabilities to the Intelerad portfolio. 

This new partnership significantly expands the combined company’s ability to enable distributed radiology reading, collaborative care solutions, and advanced life science research in multiple markets to improve the health of populations. 


Image Exchange

Effortless Medical Image Sharing and Uploading

Exchange medical images across the enterprise and grow your referrals and patient transfers worldwide. Share images in real-time — no VPN or CDs required.

Ambra Gateway

Ambra Gateway is a software application that connects your onsite modalities and PACS to the Ambra Cloud. Ambra Gateway can transfer DICOMs and HL7 messages bidirectionally, powering workflows such as image exchange, query retrieve, and modality worklist. The gateway can also be used to route studies between DICOM devices on a local network.

Complementary Cloud-Based Solutions

Combined with Intelerad’s existing managed services, Ambra’s cloud-based solutions dramatically improve imaging and collaborative care workflows with its highly intuitive and interoperable cloud platform. Ambra’s cloud-based platform empowers radiologists and other providers to share and view images in real-time without a VPN or CD, improving patient engagement, continuity of care, and interoperability. 

Cloud PACS

One Platform For All Your Imaging Needs

Consolidate multiple imaging systems with one flexible, customizable, and low maintenance cloud platform. Easy-to-use Modality Worklist and flexible routing rules drive better productivity for staff and physicians alike.

Cloud VNA

A Trusted Single Source of Image Data

Extend the capabilities of a vendor neutral archive (VNA) with the cloud. Ambra’s cloud VNA provides a flexible framework over the internet in which images can be transferred, viewed, and patient imaging and data can be joined together.

"The ultimate goal of healthcare is for human beings to live longer, healthier lives. Medical imaging and advanced technology is critical to this goal, and this acquisition positions Intelerad to enhance imaging accessibility and empower healthcare providers with the tools they need to deliver better patient outcomes."
Mike Lipps
CEO, Intelerad
"Ambra's commitment to significantly improve processes and workflows in the circle of care is strengthened by joining Intelerad, and we look forward together to further enhance our products and services."
Morris Panner
CEO, Ambra Health

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