Regional Information Sharing Platform

Regional Information Sharing Portal (RISP) enables seamless, secure, and immediate access to diagnostic services and patient records across various locations. This platform overcomes the isolation of hospital systems by integrating diverse PACS and RIS, fostering collaborative, efficient healthcare practices that align with NHS diagnostic transformation goals.

RISP Benefits

Diagnostic Services, Anywhere

Facilitates the provision of diagnostic services across the region, ensuring that medical professionals can access necessary data wherever they are.

Instant Access to Records

Allows healthcare providers to view complete patient records, including images and reports, without the need for cumbersome VPNs.

Real-Time Updates

Keeps regional data continuously refreshed, with new studies automatically retrieved for all current patients, ensuring that the most current information is always at hand.

Secure and Efficient Connectivity

Provides a private cloud solution for secure data transmission without the traditional complexities of VPN setup and maintenance.


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