Assignment Engine™

Intelligent workflow automation

Automated case distribution for optimal performance

Intelerad’s Assignment Engine removes the guesswork by automating case assignment across the enterprise – adding pending cases from across the enterprise to the most suitable radiologist’s worklist. This is accomplished using a pre-determined sets of real-time variables, which includes the reader’s availability, subspecialty, workload, location, and more.

Increase quality, enhance productivity, and gain insight

In addition to raising quality by routing cases to the most appropriate subspecialist, the Assignment Engine enhances productivity by balancing caseloads across the enterprise. In addition, balanced caseloads also provides insight into staffing needs while helping enterprises meet internal benchmarks and service-level agreements.

Prioritized worklists drives efficiency, maintains SLA compliance

For radiologists, automated case prioritization eliminates the amount of time that radiologists spend between reads determining which case needs to be read next, which enables them to complete more reads per shift and provide patients with their diagnoses in less time.

Less work. More flow.

InteleOne® XE takes enterprise workflow orchestration to an entirely new level. By providing seamless integration between enterprise-wide disparate systems, and taking away time-consuming manual interventions, such as study assignment, InteleOne XE orchestrates order management, automates enterprise workflows, and accelerates diagnostic performance.

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