Template and pre-operative planning,
directly from your viewer.

Preview Expected Outcomes

Intelerad Orthopedics module provides orthopedic surgeons with the digital tools they need to perform preoperative planning, with simulation to preview expected results prior to surgery. Leveraging Voyant Health’s TraumaCad™ solution, IntelePACS Orthopedics allows users to efficiently replicate every planned action by tracing directly on medical images.

Plan Operations Directly From Your Viewer with IntelePACS Orthopedics

Plan Operations Directly From Your Viewer

Made up of ten planning modules, including hip, knee, deformity, trauma and pediatrics, Intelerad Orthopedics module allows users to take measurements, fix prostheses, simulate osteotomies, and visualize fracture reductions directly in InteleViewer. The solution also enables users to create pre-surgical reports with all case information, template information, measurements and comments.