Press Release

Intelerad Partners with Laurel Bridge

Intelerad to further enhance its cross-enterprise imaging and workflow offerings by leveraging Laurel Bridge components

Montreal, Canada – January 18, 2017 – Intelerad Medical Systems™, a leader in enterprise workflows, today announced a partnership with Laurel Bridge Software that will allow Intelerad to offer a number of solutions that address complex data, networking and architectural challenges that are common in multi-facility, cross-enterprise organizations.

“Like Intelerad, Laurel Bridge Software has a long history of developing leading-edge solutions for medical imaging,” said Randall Oka, President and CEO, Intelerad. “By leveraging their solutions, we’ll be able to expand our abilities and resolve many of the most challenging integration issues that are being faced by large healthcare providers – particularly those who are dealing with multiple disparate systems due to growth through merger and/or acquisition.”

By leveraging Laurel Bridge components, Intelerad will be able to address a wider array of technical challenges that arise when integrating IT systems in a clinical environment.  When used together, the combined systems from Intelerad and Laurel Bridge will provide intelligent data routing, normalization, and mapping to ensure patient and exam information is provided across the enterprise in a format that supports local systems and workflows.

“We are pleased that a progressive company such as Intelerad has chosen us to help solve their customers’ integration challenges,” said Mark Blair, CEO, Laurel Bridge Software. “The need to build workflows between the medical imaging and archiving systems that facilitate the delivery of quality healthcare is an imperative that is being challenged by ongoing industry consolidation and the demands of enterprise integration.”

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