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Intelerad Introduces InteleOne® XE, its New Enterprise Workflow Orchestration Solution

Continued investments around highly scalable InteleOne® platform allow Assignment Engine, Order Management and Diagnostic Workflows radiology solutions to come together as one.


Montreal, Canada – May 31, 2018 – Intelerad Medical Systems, a leader in enterprise workflow solutions, today announced the release of InteleOne® XE, its new enterprise imaging workflow orchestration solution.

“InteleOne® XE takes enterprise workflow orchestration to an entirely new level. By providing seamless integration between enterprise-wide disparate systems, and taking away time-consuming manual interventions, such as study assignment, InteleOne® XE orchestrates order management, automates enterprise workflows and accelerates diagnostic performance,” said Christian Bazinet, Chief Operating Officer, Intelerad.

Built on top of the proven InteleOne platform, InteleOne® XE packs the most powerful workflows into a single solution that delivers:

  • Order and image management – InteleOne’s suite of tools automatically prepares cases based on enterprise-wide patient data, even over large scale and widely-distributed health systems.
  • Workflow automation – Intelerad Assignment Engine and SmartWorklist automatically and intelligently execute the providers goals in terms of sub-specialty management, SLAs, workload balancing and after hours assignments.
  • Diagnostic acceleration – SmartLayouts™, Multi-method Reporting and Instant Messaging capabilities deliver a personalized and enhanced user experience.

“Using Intelerad’s Assignment Engine allows us to read the same study volume using 8-10% fewer radiologists,” said Dr. David Miller, CMIO, South Jersey Radiology Associates. “It also facilitates having studies interpreted at a different site than where the scan took place. This allows subspecialty exams to be read quicker and eliminates the time that radiologists spend waiting between studies.”

Excelling in any network environment, InteleOne® XE combines a single SmartWorklist with one universal zero-footprint viewer to securely deliver images and patient data to exactly the right location at exactly the right time. For maximum flexibility, when needed, images can be dynamically cached while still maintaining the ability to stream on demand when possible. Remote streaming without ever needing to move images outside of the local network is also an option.

To learn more about InteleOne® XE, reserve a demo at SIIM 2018.

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