Cardiovascular Analytics

Measure, monitor, and improve performance

Powered by LUMEDX, an Intelerad Company

LUMEDX’s HealthView Analytics (HVA) is a vendor-neutral business intelligence platform that provides immediate access to your clinical and financial information and use it in powerful new ways. Analyze variance across your facilities, providers, and staffing shifts to improve care pathways, enable better healthcare delivery, and drive down costs.

Key metrics to monitor and improve performance

  • Turn your data into knowledge. Improve outcomes and reduce costs in your service line or delivery systems with HealthView Analytics (HVA)
  • Powered by HVA, the Cardiovascular Performance Program offers individual content packs tailored to your organization’s needs so you can monitor and measure KPIs
  • Clinical practice and operational data drive quality improvement for excellence in care and patient outcomes, while financial data helps you manage every aspect of your business.

Meaningful data for clinical and operation success

An essential part of any cardiovascular care service line, HealthView Analytics (HVA), powered by LUMEDX, delivers immediate access to the clinical and financial information you need for success in value-based healthcare:

  • Outcomes and risk data
  • Best practices
  • Physician scorecards
  • And more
Use the data that you collect and submit to the national registries to gain a better understanding of your facility’s performance, identify potential problems, and take action quickly. Understand how your financial bottom line is being affected by revenue trends, cost patterns, and case mix index.

“Any time that you can provide physicians with information and reports that are complete and timely, you have increased the opportunity for evaluation and improvement. And that is so important in healthcare—now and forever. I think it’s a priority of every hospital. You have to improve your outcomes.”

Linda Grdina, RN, Cardiac Data Manager Bryan Heart, St. Cloud, MN

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