For fast, high performance viewing across all modalities and bandwidths, InteleViewer™ excels in any viewing environment, PC or Mac, local or remote, through its smart streaming technology, which automatically streams images on-demand from the server, when not already cached to the workstation. Intuitive, feature-rich and flexible, you can customize InteleViewer's functionality and layout display by individual, group, modality and reading location. A key component of all Intelerad solutions, InteleViewer comes with unlimited user licenses so you can provide image access to your entire organization, whether for diagnostic, clinical, or Web users.

Windows-based InteleViewer

Windows-based InteleViewer, a native 64-bit application, is an integral part of Intelerad's streamlined reading and reporting workflow. Fully-featured for multi-modality reading, InteleViewer provides a rich and customizable toolset designed to increase reading efficiency and maximize comfort. Add specialty reading and other Intelerad modules to build your ideal reading and reporting workflow.

To accelerate your reading of cross sectional studies, combine InteleViewer 's powerful layout protocols with IntelePACS 3D advanced visualization to design automated, sequenced layouts with on-the-fly reconstructions, enabling direct side-by side comparisons for current and prior images. IntelePACS 3D features intelligent hybrid 3D rendering capabilities that use both client and server side processing to bring you powerful performance and productivity within a single reading environment.

InteleViewer for Mac®

InteleViewer for Mac provides fully-featured image and report access to referring physicians with a Mac preference. A native 64-bit application with full support for streaming, InteleViewer for Mac is designed to deliver fast performance with an intuitive interface — ideal for Web viewing.

Mac users will benefit from Mac OS X 64-bit high speed viewing, as well as full support for FDA approved medical-grade displays. InteleViewer for Mac also features our high-performance smart streaming technology, and the same rich and customizable toolset that will accommodate even the most demanding specialists in orthopedics or neurosurgery. Administration tools allow you to define user and application preferences, as well as set individual or group access permissions, making InteleViewer for Mac fully HIPAA-compliant and suitable for external access.

InteleOne Service Toolkit

Overcome the Top 5 DICOM Viewer Pet Peeves

We have put InteleViewer for Mac into our referring doctors' hands and they were pleased by the ease and speed with which they can view even the bigger studies.

Julian Gully
IT Manager
I-MED Network Limited